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Do I have to register before booking service?
It is not necessary to register in tagpuller. You can use the Guest checkout facility. But registering through tagpuller is advised to make your booking easier from second time onwards.

How do I book the service?
Select Salon/Spa or Health according to your requirement of the service needed. From the list of service providers, select your preferred service provider. The list of outlets related to the selected service provider is displayed with the address. Select the required outlet by clicking the same. Select the required services from the list by adding it to cart. Checkout the items from the cart either by logging in as registered user, or as guest user. Provide the necessary information and pay through tagpuller for those service providers for whom we have agreement to pay through tagpuller. For the case of pay through outlet, customers should pay directly at the outlet. 

How do I get booking confirmation?
Tagpuller.com  will send you the email with details of booking and the info that the coordination with the service provider is initiated. The customer care executives of tagpuller will contact the outlet to confirm the time slot. Once the timeslot is confirmed, the customer care executive will call the customer and confirm the timeslot. An email will be sent to the outlet with the confirmed booking details. An email will be sent to the customer with confirmed timeslot and booking. The customer need to show this email to the outlet through their handheld device.

What will happen if there is no slot available at the selected time at the outlet?
The customer care executive will get the alternate timeslot available and confirm the preferred alternate timeslot with the customer and confirm the same with the outlet.

Can I cancel the service? Do I get refund for cancellation?
Yes, You can cancel the service and you will get full refund on cancellation.

Do I get refund if I could not avail the service, but I could not cancel the service?
Yes, after getting confirmation that you had not availed the service from the service provider, we will provide full refund. However, please try to cancel ahead of the appointment time.

Is there possibility of me not getting the appointment at the time requested?
Yes. However, we try our level best to get the appointment at the same time as you have booked. If it is not available we will coordinate with you and service provider to get the best alternate time slot. Else we will refund you the amount paid.

Do I need a print out?
Most of the service providers do not insist on print out if you can present the booking voucher on your smart phone. However, if  possible keep a printout.

Is the offer valid only for the time slot booked?
Yes, the offer is valid for the time slot booked. We have time based discount arrangements with some of our service providers and hence discounts will be available only during that time.

Will the service provider honour the booking we made through tagpuller?
Yes, we have tie-up with all the service providers listed in the website.

What if I have booked a service, and the same service is not available at the service provider, due to some unforeseen reasons?
Tagpuller will refund the full amount paid for that specific booking.

What if I booked a service through tagpuller and I need to upgrade this service to a more premium one in the same outlet?
You can pay the differential amount (difference between the current original price and the new service original price) required for upgrade directly at the outlet. Tagpuller price will not be applicable for this calculation

What if I book a service and I have to take a service with a lower price at the outlet?
We will refund the differential amount to you

Are all the services mentioned in tagpuller.com available in the outlet in the same form?
No. tagpuller.com, in some cases, has combined the services to create packages which suites best for you. This is to make sure that you get the best deal when you go for a set of exclusive packages instead of being executed as independent services. But this does not make any difference to you as all the services which are part of the package will be provided to you without any fail

Do I have the option to pay at the outlet?
For most service providers, you will have to pay through tagpuller.com to avail the offers provided by us. For few other service providers, you have to pay at the outlet directly. We don’t have the option to choose between them for a single service provider